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Solid wood floor installation services

We install solid wood floors, have many years of experience.

We have all the tools needed for a professional floor installation job.

We also prepare the subfloor for the installation of flooring, we use plywood to make the floor level and install the flooring on top of plywood.

This prevents future problems and issues that may arise.

Laying solid flooring usually is the final step when laying wooden flooring. Solid wood flooring is made of solid wood blocks or strips without the use of glue for different layers like in Engineered flooring, so the flooring is absolutely ecological. Natural wood grain, covered with lacquer or oil will look stunning. In addition, the solid wood blocks retain heat very well, are strong, very durable, can be sanded and polished. If the floor is installed correctly, so the floor can last up to a hundred years.

Before the flooring is laid, it would be best if the floor is left in the room for 3-4 days. The flooring needs to “get used” to the microclimate. It is preferable that the room is heated during this time.

We recommend that the temperature is kept to around +20 ° C and humidity to 40-60% during the installation process.

The flooring is usually laid in the same direction as the sunlight.

After the flooring is professionally installed it should last for many years. The hardwood flooring usually comes prefinished, but if its not, it would need to be sealed with lacquer or oiled. Clear lacquer or oil will intensify the natural character of the wood. Applying natural oil or waxing are the most ancient ways of preserving wooded flooring from external and internal influences for hundreds of years. Sealing the floor is the last stage of a successful flooring job.



(minimum project £300.00 (up to 10 sq. m.)) Please note, other charges for floor base leveling, door trimming and skirting boards / beading installation may apply
from £19.00 per sqm
£20.00 per door
FITTING FLOOR TO STAIRCASES from £30.00 per stair

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