Floor sanding services in Kingston

Floor sanding services in Kingston

Step Flooring prides itself on the quality of its floor sanding and renovation service. All our sanders have been working in the wood floor sanding industry for many years, leaving wooden floors sanded and finished to very high standard.

We are based in South London and cover the area of Kingston (KT1, KT2) and surrounding areas.

We use dust free machine and the best belt and orbital sanding machines in the industry. 

We can also stain, gap fill, varnish or oil your floors. 
Our service also includes floor repairs, we can supply reclaimed boards which means that your floor will look the same throughout after the boards have been replaced.

We sand the floors fo £12.00 per sq. metre

We varnish or oil the floors fo £5.00 per sq. metre.

Our sanding process involves using different sanding grits to get your floors ase smooth as possibly and we also buff the floors using a buffing machine to get the floor consistent throughout.

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Have a look at photos of the floors we’ve already worked on.

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