Engineered Wood Floor Installations

Engineered floors installed from £20 per sqm!

Our price for large jobs over 80sqm to install the floating engineered floors is £20 per sqm!

Many of our customers choose engineered wood floor installation for their homes or offices. Engineered wood flooring is a type of wood flooring that combines the beauty and warmth of hardwood with the durability and affordability of man-made materials.

Engineered wood flooring consists of several layers of wood, bonded together with glue or resin. The top layer is usually made of hardwood, such as oak, walnut, maple, or teak, and it gives the appearance and feel of natural wood. The lower layers are usually made of plywood, softwood, or fibreboard, and they provide stability and strength to the flooring.

What are the Benefits of Engineered Wood Floor Installation?

Engineered wood flooring has many advantages over solid wood flooring, such as:

  • It can be installed on any subfloor, including concrete, tiles or existing wood.
  • It can be sanded and refinished if needed, to restore its beauty and performance.
  • It can be installed over underfloor heating systems, which is not possible with solid wood flooring.
  • It is more resistant to moisture and humidity than solid wood flooring, making it suitable for areas such as kitchens, bathrooms or basements.
  • It is more stable and less prone to warping, shrinking or expanding than solid wood flooring, making it suitable for different climatic conditions.
  • It is more eco-friendly than solid wood flooring, as it uses less hardwood and more recycled or renewable materials.
  • It is more affordable than solid wood flooring, as it costs less to produce and install.
  • It is more versatile than solid wood flooring, as it comes in different colours, finishes, and styles. It can also be installed in different patterns, such as herringbone or chevron.

At Step Flooring, we offer professional engineered wood floor installation services in London and beyond. We have a team of skilled and experienced engineered wood floor installers who can handle any project, from small rooms to large halls. We use modern equipment and techniques to ensure a precise and secure engineered wood floor installation. We also prepare the subfloor for the installation of the flooring, by using underlay or plywood to level the floor and reduce noise.

We are a trusted and reputable company that has been offering engineered wood floor installation services in London for many years. We have many satisfied customers who can vouch for our quality and professionalism. We also offer competitive and transparent pricing, as well as preferential pricing for new customers.

If you are interested in our engineered wood floor installation services, please contact us today for a free quote and a free consultation. We will visit your property to assess the condition of your floor and advise you on the best solution. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Here are a few photos of our previous work:

Tega engineered floor fitting in Rotherhithe

Floor fitting work in progress

Engineered flooring fitting to stairs


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