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Filling Gaps in Floorboards in London

Gap filling services

If you have wood flooring in your home or office, you may notice some gaps between the strips of flooring over time. These gaps can be caused by normal, seasonal changes in temperature and humidity, or by improper manufacturing or installation of the flooring. These gaps can affect the appearance and performance of your wood flooring, and they may need gap filling.

At Step Flooring, we offer professional gap filling services for wood flooring. We can fill the gaps between the strips of flooring with a suitable filler material, such as latex, resin, or sawdust. We can also match the colour and finish of the filler to the wood flooring, to create a seamless and smooth surface.

Our Gap Filling Process

Gap filling is a process that involves several steps, such as:

Assessing the movement between the strips of flooring. We will check if any strips are loose or unstable, and we will fix them with face nailing, especially near the groove edge, to eliminate movement.

Cleaning the gaps thoroughly. We will scrape and vacuum away any old filler, dirt, or debris from the gaps, to prepare them for filling.

Applying the filler into the gaps. We will use a spatula or a syringe to apply the filler into the gaps, up to the tongue level. We will make sure that the filler is evenly distributed and pressed into the gaps. For latex filler in wide gaps, we may need to apply more than one layer, as the filler may shrink when it dries.

Sanding and finishing the floor. After filling the gaps, we will sand the floor lightly to remove any excess filler and smooth out the surface. We will also stain, screen and re-coat the floor if necessary, to match the colour and finish of the wood flooring.

Why Choose Step Flooring?

Gap filling is a service that can improve the look and feel of your wood flooring. It can also prevent dust, dirt, and moisture from accumulating in the gaps, which can damage your floor or cause allergies. Gap filling can also reduce noise and improve insulation on your floor.

We are a trusted and experienced company that specialises in gap filling for wood flooring in London and beyond. We have a team of skilled and qualified gap fillers who can handle any project, from small rooms to large halls. We use high-quality products and equipment to ensure a professional and durable result.

If you are interested in our gap filling services, please contact us today for a free quote and a free consultation. We will visit your property to assess the condition of your floor and advise you on the best solution. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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