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If you are looking for a professional and reliable laminate floor fitting service in London and the Home Counties, you should contact Step Flooring. We have a team of skilled and experienced laminate floor installers who can handle any project, from small rooms to large halls. We can fit any type of laminate floor, from wood effect to stone effect, from light to dark colours, from smooth to textured finishes. We can also advise you on the best laminate floor for your space, budget, and style.

We ensure that every floor we install is laid to the highest possible standard, with quality and precision. We use modern equipment and techniques to ensure a fast and efficient process. We also prepare the subfloor for the installation of the flooring, by using underlay or plywood to level the floor and reduce noise. We also cut and fit the laminate boards with care and accuracy, leaving no gaps or unevenness.

We are a trusted and reputable company that has been offering laminate floor fitting services in London and the Home Counties for many years. We have many satisfied customers who can vouch for our quality and professionalism.

Our laminate floor installers offer a wide range of laminate floor fitting services such as:

Most people may think the larger area of the floor is the most important area to be fitted, however, in actual fact it is the doorways, edging, and borders that really give that professional finish to the overall appearance of the floor.

Laminate fitting – from £8.00 per sqm
Solid wood flooring fitting – £19.00 per sqm
Engineered wood floor fitting – £17.00 per sqm
Parquet flooring fitting – from £29.00 per sqm 

Our specialist knowledge provides you with in-depth advice on selecting the correct floor covering for the correct floor use. Inexpensive flooring is not always the best solution. We recommend installing Quick Step, Balterio laminate flooring, and other good brands for the floors that will last for a long time. Our laminate installers have worked with most in not all brands of laminate.

We are not solely a floor fitting service we can supply the whole flooring package from start to finish at competitive prices

  • Free Measuring and advice service
  • Supplying a wide range of floor coverings
  • High-quality fitting
  • All our work is guaranteed for 12 months

Good quality laminate flooring like Quick Step, visibly transforms the room. One of the indisputable advantages of this flooring are its high resistance to mechanical stress. For example, a fallen cigarette on the floor, or a woman’s high heels won’t damage the flooring in any way.

Like any other building or construction activity, laminate flooring requires some preparation. First of all, laminate needs to acclimatise. All you have to do is leave it for a few days in the room where it will be installed, it will adapt to the ambient temperature and humidity and will become the so-called size good for your house. The right approach to laying laminate flooring needs a carefully prepared surface: the installation of the laminate will be of poor quality if the surface on which the planks are laid, will contain even subtle irregularities and unevenness.

Do you want the laminate joints to be virtually invisible? This can be achieved if the laminate is laid in the direction of the sunlight that enters the room.

The click laminate today is the most popular one compared to the laminate which needs gluing. Taking shape, like the legendary Lego, laminate flooring clicks from board to board, and creates a surprisingly beautiful, perfectly smooth finish.

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