Floor sanding services

We specialise in floor sanding and refinishing services in London and South East. We have 15 years of experience in hardwood floor sanding, floor repairs, gap filling, staining, varnishing and oiling. We take pride in our work and regard it as a bit of an art, no project is the same.

STEP FLOORING strive to get your wooden flooring back to its original beautiful state, making it a centre piece once more and transforming your home.

We use professional waxes, oils, stains and lacquers on all the floors we work on, to give you a lasting stunning appearance.

Quality floor sanding requires quality floor sanders. Years of experience have taught us that to get the best result you have to use the best floor sanders. To give you the best finish and the cleanest job we prefer floor sanding machines manufactured by Hermann Frank and Lagler.


floor sanding Our Services Include:

  • Floor Sanding
  • Different Finishes
  • Floor Stripping
  • Floor Restoration
  • Floor Renovation
  • Wooden Floors
  • Domestic Floor Sanding
  • Floor Polishing
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Floor refinishing services
Floor restoration services
Floor varnishing services
Floor oiling services
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Floor sanding prices

(minimum project £240.00 (up to 18 sq. m.))
from £12.00 per square meter
(3 coats)
from £16.00 per square meter
EXTRA COAT OF LACQUER£2.00 per square meter
STAINING£5.00 per square meter
Waterborne OILING£5.00 per square meter (1 coat)
GAP FILLING£5.00 per square meter
(for gaps up to 5mm)
GAP FILLING (PINE SLIVERS)£13.00 per square meter
(for gaps more than 5mm)
COSMETIC GAP FILLINGfrom £2.00 per square meter
(filling small cracks, old cuts, and nail holes)
FLOOR BOARD REPLACEMENTfrom £20.00 per linear meter
STAIRS SANDINGfrom £30.00 per step
(depending on the condition of stairs)


The floor sanding process consists of sanding the floor using belt and smaller sanding machines which use different grits of sanding belts and discs. Firstly the floor is stripped using the belt sander with a lowest, coarse grit sanding belt. This takes off the top layer of the floor which may contain old lacquer or paint and which also evens out the boards making them the same height. We prefer using sanding belts and discs made by SAIT, we find that this company produces the highest quality sanding products that give great wood sanding results. The sanding process is then repeated using higher sanding grit materials, i.e. 40, 80, 120 grits.

In these stages of the sanding process, the wooden floor becomes smooth and ready for sealing. We use the Lagler edger sander to sand the corners and perimeter of the room, in places where a large belt sander can not reach. The same process is followed using different grits. Even smaller machines are used for hard to get to places and close to skirting. Our belt and edger sanders are dust-free which makes it a much cleaner job at the end. Any residual dust we clean off using a hoover. We can cover fireplaces, bulky items of furniture with protective film to protect them from any dust.

Once the floors are smooth, they can be buffed with a buffing machine to even out the whole of the wooden floor area from wall to wall, from corner to corner.