Wood Floor varnishing / staining

Wood Floor varnishing / staining

Wood Floor Varnishing and Staining in London

Step Flooring promises to bring out the true natural beauty of a hardwood floor. We are proud to introduce a three-step wood floor varnishing process, sometimes referred to as waxing, which will give your hardwood floors a brilliant clean appearance, an appearance that is well deserved.

First, your floor is carefully cleaned. At this time all dirt, grime, and/or debris is removed using a soft broom or lightweight vacuum cleaner, followed by a damp mop. It is important to remove grit and dirt from hardwood floors. Dirt and grit are the biggest enemies when it comes to scratching or scouring the floor finish.

Next, your wood floor is buffed using a high-speed buffing machine to bring up the existing radiant shine in your timber. This process removes all scuff marks from the floor and brings back the shine as well as cleans the floor

Finally, we apply different types of sealers to your floor depending on the type of wood and the condition of your floor. Sealing of your hardwood floor can be done only after the floor has been buffed. The floor has to be clean and completely dry before polishing it. Sealing entirely depends on the type of wood floor, its age, and its usage.

You can be sure that your floor will look more alive after the treatment. It will be clean, shiny, and well-protected.

Your wood floor will be dry within 2-4 hours and fully cure in 12-72 hours. This means that you can walk on the floor after 4 hours of the treatment, but you should avoid getting your wood floor wet until it has fully cured.

The professional at Step Flooring will be able to guide you through the options available from light ash stains to high gloss dark polishes. Let our experts help you with the following decisions:

  • Colour of the stain
  • Type of stain
  • Level of sheen
  • Quality of durability required
  • The timeframe you have for the treatment
  • Environmentally Friendly options


Using a carefully selected range of finishes, we can help advise on the suitability of different finishes for specific projects.

Whether you require a new finish for your restaurant or shop floor, or a solution more tailored to domestic needs, we can select the solution most suitable for your project.

Lacquers (wood floor varnishing)

Matte varnish finish

1. Matte varnish finish
In the picture on the right, you can see a floor varnished with 3 coats (1 primer coat and 2 varnish coats).





Gloss lacquer finish

2. Gloss lacquer finish

High gloss finishes offer a more elegant appearance. These finish types are more common in commercial settings and can be seen every day on basketball floors and gymnasiums. They will tend to highlight imperfections including dust buildup if you’re not cleaning often. Other complaints include visible footprints by walking in bare feet.

Wood Floor OilingWood Floor Oiling

The major difference between lacquer and oil is that lacquer forms a tough seal over the wooden floors, whereas the oil penetrates the pores of the grain and needs re-application.

Floors with heavy traffic will need to be re-oiled 2-3 times a year, whereas in domestic homes every second year should suffice. If you choose to lacquer the wooden floor, the advantage is that this should not have to be re-applied. As a general rule, there is little gain in oiling softwoods (such as pine boards), leaving it better suited to hardwood floors.

Wood floor stainingWood floor staining

The professional way to stain a floor is to sand first leaving your floor silky and smooth then use a stain or even several stains mixed together and diluted. All stains are affected by the colour of the sanded boards. The start color of the boards is the deciding factor as to which other colors you must add to achieve what you want. The floor is then varnished with a clear professional varnish, with at least 3 coats applied after the stain has been left overnight to dry.

Traditional colours:

Natual Beech Antique Pine Redwood
 Natural Beech Antique Pine Redwood
Mahogany English Oak Teak
Mahogany English Oak Teak

Colours shown are indicative and are only as accurate as the web display allows. One coat of Colour should be brushed onto unfinished timbers and any excess should be clothed off. We’ll finish with two coats of varnish.


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