Booking & Payment

1. Payment is due on the day of completion.

2. Payment may be made by cash or cheque.


Hours of Work

3. Our normal hours of work are 9 am to 6 pm, Monday to Saturday although we would consider projects outside of these hours. We can agree an arrival time that is convenient for you and we pride ourselves on being punctual. Due to the nature of the staining process, we may have to make site visits at any time.



4. The client is responsible for ensuring rooms are completely empty of furniture (unless we are providing a removal service) and other tradesmen at the start of the project.

5. If rooms are not left empty, Step Flooring are not liable for any damage that occurs during the removal of furniture.

6. We recommend that floors are fitted or sanded as the final part of whatever other building works you are doing at your home.


Floor Sanding

7. We will ensure the sanding process is as dust-free as reasonably possible.

8. Whilst all reasonable due care and diligence will be exercised by Step Flooring, due to the nature of machine work, decoration and skirting may be liable to marking. Step Flooring is not liable for any unavoidable marking nor the cost of redecoration.

9. Stairs sanding includes sanding/sealing of flats only. Risers/sides by agreement only.


Gap Filling

10. Due to the natural movement of the wood resin used, gap filling cannot be guaranteed and can fail at any time.



11. Repairs will be made as necessary to make good floor surface as instructed by the client.

12. A statement of the structure of repair cost will be made as instructed by the client.

13. Supply of reclaimed timber is subject to market availability. We cannot guarantee the reclaimed timber will be the same colour as your existing timber nor that it is worm-free.


Sealing and Maintenance

14. Seal longevity is dependent on traffic conditions and maintenance performed by the client.

15. We recommend maintaining floor with professional maintenance products only (Bona or Osmo).

16. Professional maintenance programmes are available on request.

17. Lacquers are generally touch dry in 2 hours, oils in 8 hours. The client is responsible for making arrangements as necessary so as to avoid contact with seals during curing time.

18. Whilst Step Flooring will aim for 100% perfection, hand applied seals may not show complete uniformity. Recoating at the client’s request is chargeable.

19. Lacquers require 3 days curing time and should be protected whilst curing.

20. Floors should not be covered, nor furniture replaced, until curing process is complete. Step Flooring is not liable for marking to floors after job is complete.

21. Step Flooring is not responsible for protecting floors after job completion.

22. Step Flooring reserves the right to change the job specification as necessary in order to provide the most appropriate finish for the floor.



23. All colour samples are representative and may vary due to individual conditions.

24. Once the colour has been agreed, verbally or otherwise, any changes will be chargeable at full job rate.

25. The client is responsible for checking the colour at the moment of application if a true representation is required. Re-colouring will be chargeable at full job rate.

26. Due to nature of the application technique, skirting may be marked during colouring. Step Flooring is not liable for marking or redecoration.

27. Complete uniformity is not possible when hand colouring and finishing a floor.


Electrical Supply

28. Sanding machinery requires 240v in ready supply. The client is responsible for ensuring the power supply is in appropriate condition to undertake work.


Rubbish Removal

29. Rubbish removal is NOT included in job price unless otherwise stated.


Changes to these Terms and Conditions

30. We aim to update our website regularly, and may change the content of the website at any time. We reserve the right to make changes to these terms and conditions or the site at any time. If the need arises, we may suspend access to the site, or close it indefinitely. Any of the material on the site may be out of date at any given time, and we are under no obligation to update such material.

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