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How to measure your floor

Measuring your floor needn’t be a complicated process, so don’t be put off! How do you measure for wooden flooring, laminate floors and parquet? The majority of floor manufacturers as well as fitters recommend a minimum of 5%-10% wastage when ordering a wooden floor, this will hopefully allow for those small mistakes and complicated cuts. Sometimes on occasions there are small pieces that cannot be used anywhere without spoiling the look of the floor.

Standard Rectangular rooms L Shaped room Hallway

  • Find the two widest areas (a and b)
  • Multiply the two dimensions
  • 5.25m x 6.35m
  • Total metres required = 33.3375

  • The easiest way is to divide the room into two rectangles (see dotted line above)
  • Treat the room as two separate rooms
  • ‘Room 1’ dimensions 3.25(a) x 5.35(b)
  • Total for ‘Room 1’ = 17.3875
  • ‘Room 2’ dimensions 2.25(c) x 4.50(d)
  • Total for ‘Room 2’ = 10.125
  • Add the two results together – 17.3875 + 10.125
  • Total metres required = 27.5125

  • The easiest way is to divide the room into three rectangles (see dotted line above)
  • Treat the room as three seperate rooms
  • ‘Room 1’ dimensions 1.0(a) x 1.5(b)
  • Total for ‘Room 1’ =1.50
  • ‘Room 2’ dimensions 2.5(c) x 5.0(d)
  • Total for ‘Room 2’ = 12.50
  • ‘Room 3’ dimensions 1.0(e) x 1.5(f)
  • Total for ‘Room 3’ =1.50
  • Add the three results together – 1.50 + 1.50 + 12.50
  • Total metres required = 15.50

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